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Web Developer
LearnIn is an inclusive tuition agency where we aim to leverage tuition as a platform to introduce work for Tutors with Disabilities and to help learners with disabilities find a tutor who understands their needs.

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Brief Background:

LearnIn is an inclusive tuition agency where we leverage the abilities of qualified tutors with special needs to share their knowledge and expertise in academic and non-academic subjects with a strong focus to help students with special needs or different abilities throughout their learning journey. At LearnIn, we also conduct disability awareness workshops for the public and also workshops aimed at benefiting persons with special needs and their caregivers.

More about Project:

LearnIn is looking for web developer to improve our current website design and enhance our back-end operations: 

Who we are looking for:

Frontend / Backend Developers who are well-versed with restful API, Html5, Bootstrap, PHP and/or Python

About the Founders:


Bryan Neo

Email: learninta@gmail.com