Software Engineer (Javascript/React/Redux)
Software Engineer (Javascript/React/Redux)
We are looking for software engineers to help build and improve our website. Kindjobs provides an efficient and effective matching process for employers and employees in the social sector.

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Brief Background:

KindJobs is a new idea to change the means of securing employment in the social sector. Right now, there is a mismatch between employers and employees for jobs that create social impact. Employers may not have the resources to put up effective job advertisements, while employees may not have a full knowledge of the opportunities available. KindJobs changes this by providing an effective and efficient matching process for both parties. We do this through a process of screening, referrals and coaching for dedicated and capable candidates, who are directly matched with suitable employers in the social sector.

Helping people find good jobs

More about Project:

Our website is currently in beta testing, and we are looking for coders (JavaScript/Ruby) to help build and improve the website, and for people with HR experience to help improve our matching and recruiting process :) 

Who we are looking for:

1) Programmers for JavaScript/Ruby

2) Volunteers to support job matching and recruitment (HR experience is a plus but we welcome all who are passionate about the social sector!)

About the Founders: