Kairos ASEAN
Operations Team Member
Kairos ASEAN
Operations Team Member
We are expanding our Southeast Asian presence and are seeking volunteers to help with recruitment and engagement. Kairos is a community of young entrepreneurial talent in Southeast Asia.

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Brief Background:

Kairos ASEAN is an invite-only community of young entrepreneurial talent across SE Asia. (www.kairosasean.org)  We are a chapter of Kairos Society, headquartered in US, with global supporters such as Bill Clinton, Richard Branson and Peter Diamandis. Kairos Society offers a global network of executives, strategic investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs, supporting individuals who seek to build businesses that change the world.


More about Project:

Kairos ASEAN is expanding its presence across SE Asia, and we have a variety of ongoing initiatives that we are seeking volunteers for.

Your Takeaway

©  Be part of the effort to build a premium community of young       entrepreneurial talents across South East Asia

©  Opportunity to interact with young entrepreneurial talents and       mentors across SE Asia

©  Learn more about startups and entrepreneurship in SE Asia

©  Be exposed to strategy and operations of building a sustainable community

©  Have FUN and make new friends!

Who we are looking for:

 1)     Recruitment and On-boarding

·         Organise our regional recruitment campaign to source for the           best young entrepreneurial talents across SE Asia.

·         Facilitate the selection/interview process

·         On-board selected Kairos members (e.g. organize orientation           day)

2)      Engagement

·         Organize Kairos Dinners with Mentors or networking events for           Kairos community

·         Interview Kairos members/mentors and write blog posts of their           stories for Kairos website

3)      Special Projects

·         Design and implement a fellowship programme for a public-           listed traditional company

·         Design and implement marketing outreach for Kairos ASEAN

Skills Desired

 Desired skills will depend on the projects you choose:

©  Interested in startups and youth entrepreneurship

©  Driven and committed

©  Able to work independently and in teams

©  Able to propose ideas and execute plans

©  Strong organizational skills

©  Marketing skills (preferred)

©  Interested to engage with our stakeholders (e.g. universities,       students, members, mentors)

About the Founders:

Our Contacts

©  Lujie Chen: chen.lujie@kairossociety.org

©  Jian Min: jian.sim@kairossociety.org